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I never received my item or the item isn’t what I was expecting.

If your item hasn’t arrived, or doesn’t match the listing description, you may be covered by the nkambopower Money Back Guarantee. Learn more about the nkambopower Money Back Guarantee.

I didn’t receive a refund or I can’t find it.

Most refunds come to your PayPal account, and you can find them in your PayPal account overview.
If the refund was a result of returning an item or an nkambopower Money Back Guarantee request, you can check the status of the refund in your request details on nkambopower and ask us to step in and help if necessary.

I’d like to use a different payment method.

If you haven’t placed a bid yet, use the Ask a question link in the listing. If you’ve already bought the item, email or call the seller and ask if a different payment method can be